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Ultramarines Forge World Rhino/Razorback WIP Part 2

Ultramarines Forge World Rhino/Razorback WIP Part 2
So a bit of a delay in getting this up, but her comes part 2 – exterior and turrets done, and now getting ready to oil/pin wash then onto weathering.The VMA blues are great for Ultramarines and make it really easy to shadow/highlight the various parts.(VMA Steel Blue, French Blue and Light Sea blue – VMA thinner 50:50 with Light Sea blue all at 20psi through the AB).

The Ultramarines U was made using the tutorial provided by Buypainted.A good compass and cutting tool were essential in getting an even shaped U – it took a few tries, but worth getting right.Lining it up on the part isn’t as easy as it looks – again take time to get it right otherwise you will be repainting the blue…(only once for myself….)