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HeavyTankBuilder model of the day with Forge World!

So I was really happy to see one of my tanks up on the Forge World Facebook page model of the day,having been encouraged to get it on there to see what the community thinks.  It seems to have gone down really well!  I will certainly try to get to the Open Day now so others can see it up close.  Now to get the next project finished!

Ultramarines Forge World Glaive Super Heavy Tank

After 2 weeks of 4-6hrs a day working on it the job is done.  I am really pleased with the results despite initial frictions with the model and paint application.  It has come out lighter and more worn than my other tanks, fitting in with it being an older, rarer war machine.  I am very keen what people think about the finished model and where I can look to improve on upcoming projects, namely more infantry elite units, a Storm Raven and a Fire Raptor. 

Ultramarines Forge World Glaive Super Heavy Tank WIP (2)

Making steady progress with the tank.  Main body colours are now complete and have spent several hours getting to grips with the smaller parts to allow Satin Varnish to harden up.  Hope you like the progress so far.

Ultramarines Forge World Glaive Super Heavy Tank WIP

And this then would be the second project.  I have planned out my first 1500pts and would like to hit that before branching off and adding to the Army…that said I couldn’t resist leaving this lying around any longer and got cracking.

The first stage saw me make sure I had all the bits and that there were no poorly formed parts, or anything broken.Then came the tedious but essential job of stripping the parts from the casting blocks, sanding them all down, finishing with a wash in hot soapy water to remove any excess release agent from the construction process back in the factory.The water must not be too hot or you will deform the parts – if you can put your hands in the water comfortably then the temperature is not too hot for the resin.

Ultramarines Assault Terminators WIP

So 2 quick updates as I have broken my golden rule and started 2 projects rather than see one through start to finish!  These Thunder Hammer Storm Shield Terminators have been sat around for ages so broke them out and added some Forge World details to make them stand out.