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Tale of One Gamer: Pure Primaris part 1

There is no getting round the fact the new release for the Space marines has been fantastic, just fantastic, huuuuge some may say... I digress. In my next few articles I plan to complete my own take on Tale of Four Gamers running in White Dwarf, to get a table-top ready, pure Ultramarines Primaris force up and running.
This first article will talk through the thinking that went in to organising the project and some of the early build.
The new boxed starter sets and easy build kits make for great value. Using retailers like 4tkgaming that offer significant % discounts, the savings begin to stack really quickly. Selling-off the Deathguard side of the box also helps. To focus my purchases I chose to write a list that covered what I would need to run 2 detachments (a battalion and auxiliary detachment of some sort). This would provide a frame I can add to next year. 
The list also tries to tick off the common Tale of Four Gamers challenges; HQs, mandatory troops choices before sprinkling in …