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Get your Free Space Marines! Well sort of…. Space Marine Initial Ideas.

There are some really interesting new formations coming out of the new Space Marine Codex.Clearly some of the Chapter tactics, Librarian formations and the Land Raider ‘walls of death’ are drawing some attention.But look over the lowest common denominator at your peril.
The humble Marine and his workhorse transport have been and always will be at the core of your list and GW is ramming that home with the new Demi-Company.

Grey Knights: Librarians and Terminators

These are the final parts I need to get my small initial Nemesis Strike Force up and running.  These were the last bits needed for my 1650pts tournament list.  As a group they come together really well, looking great on the board.  I will however admit I am not fully happy with the second Librarian.  That finecast model is pretty tired and doesn't stand up too well against the newly converted Blood Angel Librarian model.  The converted BA model has worked well and will make a good Warlord Model.

Grey Knights: Nemesis Dreadknights

I have painted something not blue for the first time in years!  These have come out very well and I had some real success using the Tamiya Clear plaints to get some great metallic finishes on some of the surfaces.  The Blue Sword effect Kenny uses on Next Level Painting worked a treat. I hadn't used P3 paints until he recommended them; they went into the airbrush no problem, giving some great results.

Ultramarine Allied Detachment 715pts

This is the completed 715pts I need for the upcoming UK Games Expo tournament (I expect to get destroyed, but want to get involved!).  Now I have 2 weeks to get the rest of the force completed which will be tight...Hopefully I will have at least some kind of competitive edge to my force and come away with one win out of five. I want to go to see what other people come up with and see how some of the more challenging lists play out.

I have a back up plan which involves adding a Command Squad/Drop Pod, a Stormtalon or some Sternguard as back up if I fall short and don't get the GK's finished.  Fingers crossed. HTB.

Ultramarine Grav Centurions

The final part of my GK/UM allied attachment is finished.  Now to get on with the GK Librarians.  The Grav Cents have come out pretty well.  The OSL and colour blends are pretty good. The transfers are not quite as smooth as I would have liked; my fault for missing a step (GW varnish on the Humbrol Acrylic Gloss Spray where the transfer sits).  The over all unit looks great together - the bald headed guy looks better than I thought.  Initially I wasnt convinced by the sculpts.

4 Cents is a lot of work.  The bodies and shoulder pads could be built and painted all assembled up.  The pipes, weapons, amps, heads, pistons, rear plate, side metal work and arms all had to be done separately to access all the nooks and crannies.  The OSL looks great but comes at the risk of ruining everything you have done to get to that point!

Ultramarines 2nd Rhino

Here is my latest offering now I am back into some kind of routine again.  This has served as a good warm up project, having kept it slightly simpler this time around by not doing a full interior.  There is a limit to how much effort I can repeatedly put into 35pt models!

Ultramarine Stormtalons and UK Expo Prep

These were finished quite some time a go but I have been off the blog for a while, now trying to get back into things.  They came out real well and work brilliantly as a pair on the table.  Hope people like what they see.  Probably the best FA option for SM.