Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Ultramarines Forge World Rhino/Razorback

This is my completed Rhino/Razorback with magnetized hatch for my first tactical squad.  I know they are not particularly popular vehicles but I am looking to build up a company this year and want a good few Rhino/Razorbacks/Drop pods to cover the fluff side of things.  I am very pleased with the final outcome and will talk through what's changed and come on since Part 2 posted a month or so ago.

As was the case with the Land Raider, I used Medow Arts (see Facebook/Youtube) paint scheme on the headlights to get a better OSL final outcome.  I combined it with the headlamps available from Forgeplanet and followed Buypainted!'s YouTube tutorial on how to install them.  Initially I went for the glass, transparent look but didn't feel this blended in well with the yellow and red so re-did the lights again to what you see in the model.  I also applied the red to yellow OSL effect on the heating vents.

With the headlamps complete I applied the oil wash across the miniature using white spirit and black Mig Abteilung Oil paint.  Next came brushing Vallejo Pigments onto rust and muddy areas of the tank.  This stage was done to taste, and helped blend some of the earlier chips I painted on the model.

Using AK Streaking Grime and rust effects I also managed to add more elements of dirt/corrosion, again adding to final finish.  The final bit of weathering consisted of painting a transition of VMA Hemp, through VMA Sandy Brown to VMA Olive Drab down the sides of the tracks to blend in the Sandy Paste I applied I in the very early stages of construction (see MAC'sYoutube channel).  It has tied everything together really nicely.

So here are some more shots of the finished model and all the extra bits.  Any suggestions on what to improve or what could be done better would very helpful.  Terminators coming up followed by a Stormraven.  HTB.


  1. Very cool HTB. Head lights look much better, warmer works. First time I've seen vents done like that, think I'll give it a try when I start painting my hawk lords vehicles. Streaking grime n mig oils are awesome aren't they? Overall it's great, but one thing it needs to finish it off, the tracks n wheels need some dirt n weathering pigments, they just a tad too clean. Mig oil stain looks nice in you're wheels too(sparingly). I'm very impressed with how this has progressed.

  2. Thanks LinZ - I will look to strike a balance between the tracks on this Rhino and the previous Land Raider on the next tank.