Friday, 24 October 2014

Ultramarines Super Heavy Falchion Tank

Finally finished the Falchion and another model in line with the core theme of the blog.  I picked this up back in March at the Forge World open day, with a view to have it finished before wider release... anyway...  it's done now.  The techniques involved are covered in the Glaive tutorial.  This time around I have tried to apply some of the pointers and tips passed on from Matt Murphy-Kane and Mark Bedford from not only Warhmmer Fest, but the FW open day to.

This is definitely the photo that kept me going this past week to get it finished - the 2 tanks sat beside each other.

One of the critique points on the Glaive (which I did enter into the painting comp that day) was perhaps too many streak and chips, to the point where stuff was getting lost in the all the other detail.  I have tried to rain it in a bit on this tank.  I think the weathering is a little down in quantity over the last tank, however the detail and number of rivets (they tested my patience...) is on the up meaning for some, it may be a little too busy still.

That said I am really please with the final finish.  The OSL is getting bolder as my techniques and colour management gets better (base layers and what is underneath really matters in what you see on the surface).  The burnt metal has come out really well again - I owe people a detailed tutorial on this.  I painted these barrels before that request came in so I will sort something soon - will just have to get another big tank (Fellblade and finish the collection???).

The XIII and Ultra stencil has come out perfectly and the Microset and Microsol has worked a treat on the transfers.  

They look great together.  Fingers crossed people think so tomorrow for AOP.  I have 18 hrs to complete a Stormtalon and then I am done.  Right now the Humbrol Gloss rattle can varnish is drying ready for me to apply the oil wash.  With drying time now becoming the limiting factor, the fiances hair dryer is out and ready to go!  More soon, HTB.


  1. Two very sweet looking tanks! I salute you, sir. And good luck in AOP!

  2. Awesome looking tanks, the paint effects you have produced are outstanding.

  3. Beautiful tanks. Best of luck in AOP! They are just stunning works.

    I think with OSL, it always depends on what your final output is going to be. If its for a competition, extremely subtle/feathered osl is better then heavy handed. If its for tabletop, going over the top usually produces a better result!

    Really like the heat weathering and track work on these guys.

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