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Space Marine Repulsor Tank Points Analysis

So hopefully you have seen my previous thoughts on the Redemptor.  A great model. I think the Repulsor however is likely to have a much bigger impact as some of its capabilities are just down right naughty.Image result for space marine repulsor tanks

The Repulsor has 10 weapons systems...10! I can't even see where the Storm Bolter's are meant to be on it but they are there somewhere! (I think they go above the doors but lets see when the kit comes out!)

Initial Thoughts 

Very good. Fly and Power of the Machine Spirit are very powerful rules - this has both. You can move and keep that 3+ to hit with Heavy weapons (but you still need to be careful of degradation ...BS still goes down). And if you get assault you can move back and fire without penalty because of Fly. Bonkers for an Ultramarine's gun line or creeping-advance style army.

T8 means str 4 is wounding on 6's not 5's as is in the case with the Redemptor Dreadnought. No 2+....Land Raider needs to have something going for it, however when we see the points I doubt it will be enough for even semi-competitive players...

Oh, this isn't heavy support either... You can place 10 of your Reiver/Intercessor combined-arms, mixed unit inside (5 of each).  Reivers roll out and fight the combat, Intercessers rapid fire and steal objective because they are scoring irrespective of numbers, and the Repulsor does your anti-tank smash...more to follow on this idea...

I struggled to see some of the points costs for some of this, so please if you know any amendments, let me know- it's just initial ideas, not a comprehensive, "this is gospel!", review.


Cheap as chips: 290

The low end option (which may have a place actually) comes in at an economical 290 considering what you get. The Repulsor (210) with all the above capability; a H. Onslaught G. Cannon (36), Twin Heavy Bolter (20), Ironhail H. Stubber (6), Icarus Ironhail H.Stubber (6), 2x Krakstorm Grenade Launcher (8), 2x Storm Bolters (4) and Auto Launchers (0?).

This can do your anti-horde/troop work but I think your Troops Choices/Infantry are better placed to worry about that.

But if you need it cheap and need it to protect some anti-tank Hellblasters and say the Primaris Ancient with the relic (fire again when they die on 3+ instead of 4+, fearless), an Apothecary (healing your Hellblaster's or returning one (with a potential CP re-roll), a Chapter Master re-roll hits (CP upgrade) and a Lt. for re-roll wounds... it could have a place.

Full Re****: 352

This is nuts.  Las- talon (40), 2x Lascannons (50), Gatling Cannon (16) for the Ironhail Stubber, ICRP (6) which I prefer to the Icarus Ironhail Stubber, 2x Krakstorm Launcher (8) instead of Auto Launchers, another 2 Fragstorm launchers and an additional Ironhail Stubber (6).

I can't see the need to take every upgrade. The tank will die.  Better to balance the guns you mount on it and spread points a little wider in my mind.

As Robert Downy Jr says in Tropical Thunder, "you never go full re****."

Creeping advance Anti-Tank: 334

I like this build.  I think it has a place; as above however the extra weapons are kept to a reasonable minimum.  The Las variants are clearly included but so is the Str 5 -1 AP Onslaught Gatling Cannon which is just a great weapon on paper.  I like the Icarus Rocket Pod even more here as the closer range is negated by a forward moving strategy, and str 7 means you might get a wound. I am not convinced (even if you do hit) the Icarus H.Stubber will actually wound most flyers.

Gun line/Jack of all trades: 330

My favorite for now.  Three of these at 990 as opposed to 1012 starts to make a difference. The Las-Talon is dropped, and the Onslaught Heavy Gatling is back. 6 Lascannons and 36 Gatling shots that can move back and keep churning the shots out using the Fly key word I think could be a thing! (Correct me if I am wrong please).  This combo also has the best ranges available to the chassis as the Las-talon is a 24inch ranged weapon.

In closing...

I like this a lot.  I have penned 5 lists with what I can make out from grainy photos to include the new Apothecary and Grav-chute, knife wielding Reivers that I think they to are going to be excellent.  I like the deep strike option and the extra attacks.

My fun but good balanced list for these new models looks like this:

Ultramarine Battalion
Captain (possibly up to Chapter Master)

Ancient (with Relic)

Repulsor 1 - Anti-Tank 334
5 Intercessors
5 Hellblasters

Repulsor 2 - Anti-Tank 334
5 Intercessors
5 Intercessors

Ultramarine Vanguard Detachment


5 Reivers
5 Reviers
Redemptor Dreadnought - 197

1963 ish...more refining needed when I have the Codex, but space for a power sword or some Intercessor upgrades (new Grenade launcher?) when that becomes clear.

7 CP
Infantry: 35
Veh: 3
Psyker: 1



  1. An older post of course, but just wanted to pop on and say the best build I have found rocks in at around 307 points.

    Heavy Onslaught Cannon, Onslaught Cannon, Twin Heavy Bolters, Fragstorm Launchers x 2, Krakstorm Launchers x 2, Storm Bolter x 3, Ironhail Heavy Stubber

    That at 12" rocks out a whopping:
    24 Str5, AP-1 shots
    12+2D6 Str4, AP - Shots
    3 Str 4, AP -1 shots
    2 Str 6, AP -1 shots

    For 41 + 2D6 shots at 12"
    For 35 + 2D6 shots at 18"
    For 33 shots at 24"

    Not too shabby when coupled with some re-rolls...


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