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Grey Knights: Librarians and Terminators

These are the final parts I need to get my small initial Nemesis Strike Force up and running.  These were the last bits needed for my 1650pts tournament list.  As a group they come together really well, looking great on the board.  I will however admit I am not fully happy with the second Librarian.  That finecast model is pretty tired and doesn't stand up too well against the newly converted Blood Angel Librarian model.  The converted BA model has worked well and will make a good Warlord Model.

The other great thing about these models is the point to effort ratio! There is (if fully kitted out) 500pts of Terminators here, needing only 7 models to get up to such a high total.  Seven psychic dice is not bad either. Coupled with Tigurius and the 2 DreadKnights that bumps the Army up to 12 dice base.

The Librarian hands and weapons compliment each other nicely.  The hand transition is done using VMA Fire Red, GW Troll Slayer Orange, VMA Medium Yellow finished with a tiny edge of VMA White.  I like painting red but cant start Blood Angels as that is my best mates Army.  Working red into the Grey Knights is giving me the opportunity to get some reds down.  The weapons have all been done using Kenny's Next Level painting technique on swords; a transition from VMA Black, P3 Meredius Blue, P3 Arcane Blue, P3 Arcane Blue + VMA White and finally VMA White.

The armour used the same process I put down on the Dreadknights; VMA Gungrey base, Tamiya Clear Smoke for shades (fired from aribrush pointing up under their legs), OSL top down using VMA Steel, shaded in places with Tamiya Clear Blue, finally neatening up the mid transitions with VMA Gun Grey.

It wouldn't be an HTB project without magnets.  Some 2mm dia x 2mm round magnets were put in the wrist of 2 of the Terminators, the old Librarian and in the top of the BA converted Librarians staff.  They can all select hammers or swords as a result.  The Psycannon is glued on there - I cannot see an opponent getting upset if I don't use it in a game and choose not to pay the points for it.

Another project all finished up.  They should add some steel, tough armour saves and a lot of impact in the Psychic Phase of any game, making a great ally to any army of the Imperium.  HTB.


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