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Space Marine Redemptor Dreadnought Points Analysis

I have promised Rob (Spikey Bits) at least twice now I would return to blogging but have failed miserably until now! I am on holiday and getting my ideas together to partake in my own White Dwarf "Tale of Four (one!) Gamers" style hobby challenge to get a Primaris force table top ASAP. There seems to be a gap in the market (soon to be filled by the hobby blogs and Podcasts, not least the Long War and Forge the Narrative) so having done my own research to shape my army list, I thought I would share build ideas and the points rationale behind it. Here goes...Image result for space marine redemptor dreadnought

Initial thoughts

It is good - not broken, not excellent but good. Toughness 7 is a slight issue given everyone trying to focus on being able to deal with this value. Maybe 8 would have been nice. A 2+ would be too much, but T8...hmm.... we will see. I think it is good anyway.  One concern (demonstrated in the Table Top Tactics video) is the degrading effect and impact on shooting once it goes to half health.  He needs a Chapter Master or Rob G around to help him out, but as a gun platform that can act as an assault counter, he has a place.


All the shots: 206 (202 my 'All the shots' preference)

Redemptor Dreadnought: H. Onslaught Cannon (36), Onslaught Cannon (16), Icarus Rocket Pod*(6), 2x Fragstorm Rocket Launcher (8)... On this last one I prefer 2x Storm Bolter (4), not yet sold on this new launcher.

*(has to take this looking at the data sheets)

I think this will be popular but I think it suffers from degradation and could become less effective very quickly if focused down (which it will be because of all the str 5 -1 AP).  It relies on him being healthy to get the biggest return on the points investment.

Degradation counter:  203

This build aims to tackle the reliance on being healthy - a simple change to the Heavy Flamer (17) (a great weapon in 8th) means 3-4 shots (average) always hit.  Good in games when you perhaps look to your Captain rather than Rob G for re-rolls, and where you expect the Redemptor to have a bigger counter assault role (no Rob G). Storm bolter is there because it is cheap and every point counts... you may think its 4 points but in a Primaris list every saving is significant.

Ant-Tank/Counter Assault Mode: 197

This is my build of choice as it stands - I am an Ultramarines player for context. Keen to hear peoples thoughts for my own education.

Longest range (Macro Plasma Incinerator (31) 36inch range, Onslaught Cannon 30inch, SB 24inch, only one mortal wound if over charged (leveraging his extra wounds...), good anti tank especially with re-rolls from Rob G/Capt that could quite feasibly deliver 6-8 wounds on an armoured target.

If people get close to your 3x Repulsor's (see next article!), send him and Rob G forward to dispatch them. He is also the most economical. My troops and Gatling cannons on the Repulsor's can do some of the anti-horde work and it also means the 'Lascannon' heavy lifting is spread out and not tied to specific platforms. Unlike 7th, I think vehicles that can do a bit of both (anti-tank/anti-horde) have a place given the low model count of such an elite army.

What do people think? I hope this is helpful and starts to assist people in plugging him into a list.



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