Saturday, 26 October 2013

Ultramarines Forge World Rhino/Razorback WIP

Ultramarines Forge World Rhino/Razorback WIP

With the first of my 10 man tactical squads for my 1000pts Ultramarines Army complete, it took little convincing to revert back to armour, looking to build a battle field taxi for them.  I will do a separate post on the second squad having used the first squad to refine the way I plan to paint all the infantry for this force.

I am trying to build a 35k Ultramarine force – I really like the new CSM releases (the Sternguard and Hunter/Stalker) and want to be able to include the Forge World Heresy designs as well.  The new tactical marines are great but I don’t want to go down the road of full Heresy or full 40k… anyway.  In short I want to mix the elements of GW I like with the FW stuff.  The best way I can make this work in my opinion is experimenting with paint schemes. 

I really like the grey Razorback that pops up in the old codex and on the back of the Razorback box.  I don’t know the background to why grey is used but I have seen Land Raider designs using it as well.  I think a mixture of some vehicles/infantry with grey panels in the design will do 2 things; 1. Give me a unique spin on your typical Ultramarine paint scheme and 2. Meet the 35k theme I am looking for.

With that in mind, I got to work.  I bought the Razorback kit so I could build both a Rhino and Razorback.  I bought 3mm diameter x 1 mm deep magnets (First4Magnets) and some plasticard to enable interchangeable fits.  Forge Planet provided me with an extra turret mount, letting me build both Lascannon and Heavy Bolter fits for the model.  Buypainted! does an excellent tutorial on his youtube page on magnetising Rhino hatches.

So on with painting.  VMA Ivory and Sandy brown shading produced a simple and effective interior colour scheme.  Mixing brown and black together and using a little sponge for stippling helped weather the interior.  Transfers from the sheet provided in the kit were applied.

The model was then protected using Vallejo Satin Varnish and given an oil wash of brown/black Mig Abteilung oil paint and white spirit.  The seats were painted VMA tank brown.

The control panel was painted VMA US dark green and highlighted/osl’d with VMA Camo Light Green, then Camo Light Green and some white.  The bolter metal parts were painted with VMA Steel then washed with GW Nuln Oil.

I am really pleased with the direction the model is going thus far.  The next step will see pigments added to the floor and work on the outside begin. 

Interested to hear any feedback on how you think it is going, what people think about my 35K grey/blue Ultramarines idea and also happy to provide further detail on any of the stages.


  1. Got some nice looking tanks there mate. I haven't airbrushed in over 15 years, just about to pick it up again after spending a stupid amount of money on a sweet set up. Buy painted definitely has some sweet tutorials but you should also check out orcpainternerd n awesome paint job, I've picked up some cool ideas from them.

    How long have you been brushing for? Your eldar stuff

  2. Sorry, your eldar stuff looks awesome. I'll be keeping an eye on your progress.

    Happy painting.

  3. LinZ - firstly thank you for my first blog comment :) Awesome Paint Job and OPN are 2 channels I have also watched heavily over the last month and I agree some really good stuff in there, especially on the AK Streaking Grime effects which I hope to use on this tank and the next few projects coming up. At the moment I am sat on a Contemptor Dreadnought, a Demios Predator, A Stromraven Gunship, a Fire Raptor Gunship and a Glaive..... The blog will hopefully fill up quite a bit over the coming weeks!

  4. Cool, I'll look forward to seeing them. Got abit on your hands there eh? My cupboards completely overrun by orks waiting to be done. I'm looking at that streaking grime too, it's hard finding cheap suppliers for some things here in oz.