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Ultramarines Land Raider

Ultramarines Land Raider

This is my first blog on a site I am still trying to understand!  So this is more of a test run for me more than anything else.

Over the last year I have been sucking up as much information on painting vehicles as possible.  I took the plunge financially and invested in an airbrush from Iwata back in March having exhausted my brush skills when it came to vehicles.  Despite best efforts I could never get a smooth, thin finish on flat surfaces.  Enter the airbrush!  It solved that issue and opened up a total new avenue within the hobby.  Furthermore it took my painting up a number of levels.  This was actually my first fully painted airbrushed model.

What you can see just off to the right is one of two old Falcon kits I practised on before moving onto this expensive kit.  Buypainted’s youtube channel gave me most of my early guidance and tips.  His Vindicator tank pretty much set the tone for this Land Raider.  I had never heard of Vallejo paints and spent quite a lot building up a suitable collection to duplicate my paint collection I had built up GW wise.  There is no doubt the Model Air paints offer up a huge amount.  They are good to go at 20psi, work brilliantly over pre-shading and come at a fair price (I ordered mine fro SnM Stuff – a UK retailer that offer everything I need).  

"Hello Everyone!" - amazing videos!

I hope Buypainted doesn’t mind me dropping this picture in for comparison – his tutorials are fantastic.  I used his template explanation to do the Ultramarines ‘U’ on the other door.  At this stage I had not got on top of my transfer technique and you can see in the light the transfer doesn’t quite have that painted on feel.  Decal Sol and Humbrol Decal Fix combined, solved that on later projects.

For my first fully airbrushed project (pre-shaded, zen highlighted etc etc) I was pretty pleased with this.  I took it to my local store and got some positive feedback, but was more interested on the work on points – the Sandy Paste track weathering is too heavy as are some of the chips; it also needed better mud blending on the side of the model.  MarneusAugustaCalgar’s youtube channel fixed that – see his stuff on painting a weathered tank for his excellent Luna Wolves. I also hadn’t got the hang of the OSL headlight technique I had seen on many other projects.  No matter! I was happy with my first attempt!  I may re-visit this again in the coming weeks.  Enough for now!  


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