Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Ultramarines Drop Pods

All three drop pods are now complete.  Happy with the look and feel of them.  I think they fit in well with the Army and have served me well in the last few games.  I need to get better at the burn/re-entry marks made using the airbrush but that aside I think they are all good. 

They grey panels have come out really well.  The Forge World bits add some interest to what are big faceless models otherwise. 

The striping and internal paint scheme has come out as planned.  It is a lot of work however for 105pts worth of models!

Tamiya tape really helped do the striping.  That said it was an epic tape job to get it all done.  The magnets have also worked really well and stop the doors dropping down.

More Sternguard up next and a Chapter Master!


  1. These came out wonderfully. I do agree, it is a ton of work for a small point value of models...but drop pods always look suitably epic on a table. Proxy's don't do them justice...maybe it's the old dawn of war player in me...but drop pods flinging down from the sky is something that gets every marines heart thumping.

    The grey panels work fantastically with the blue. Really well done.

  2. Thanks very much - the Dawn of War player should like my latest post then :)

  3. Sorry but I'm stealing your grey idea for my ultras. Superb finish fella

  4. Glad you approve :) Having another colour makes the scheme a little more interesting. Plus shades of grey through an airbrush are easy to achieve and provide good results. The Greys I used were Vallejo Model Air 50:50 German Grey (71.052) and Light Grey (71.050). Highlights were made using just Light Grey, shades with just German Grey. Thanks for commenting. Good luck!