Saturday, 4 October 2014

Ultramarine Terminators

The Terminators are finished at last!  Can't remember when these things first got primed and based but my goodness it was a long time ago.   They have come out really well; there is however a few things I am not as happy with as I would like.  The varnish ran out and did not give the sealed coverage I require in my gloss varnish/oil wash process.  Some areas are a little stained where the wash could not be removed correctly.

That said the overall effect, the glowing hammers, lava bases chipped stone and real emphasis on getting as much detail into the faces as possible has resulted in a really strong looking unit.

The Sgt model has come out superbly.  The Citadel skin progression (Bugmans, Reikland wash, Bugmans highlights, 50:50 Bugmans/Cadian flesh and finally Cadian fleshtone) works so well.  As I have said before I am fully invested in GWs paint system when it comes to brush work.  Model air is still the business when working with airbrushes (as are the Vallejo metallics).

The quality of the new Sternguard moulds and heads that come in that kit are next level good.

They allow the detail to be picked out really easily.  The tiny crisp edges that are present around the eyes and mouth that were never there before really means achieving highly detailed faces is now far more straight forward.  

I am still not a fan of Terminators in the game with regard to how they play and work inside my Ultramarine army.  However these models do look fantastic and I think my paint job has done them justice.  They will make an excellent focal point on the Armies on Parade board.

The list I am working through has been stuck to! Marneus and the Terminators done - now to finish the display board!


  1. The sternguard heads look fantastic on these guys. I like the lava highlights you did on the base It's a very nice spot of contrasting color pop.

  2. Thanks Greg. I think you will like the display base section for these guys too when thats all finished.

  3. Just seen text is missing from the scroll section on the shield - fixed. And dry brushing white the lava effect white doubles the impact and ties it in together far far better.

  4. Any chance you could show us the formula for the glowing hammers/ powerfist? Very different from the glowing blue that seems to be the norm with power weapons. Like the effect!

  5. Absolutely! I will find something I can paint a demo on and get it up ASAP. A few Armies on Parade bits in the way for now but I will deliver a tutorial on this in due course.