Tuesday, 21 October 2014

WIP: Falchion and Stormtalons

Just a few snaps of what I am working on ready for Saturday and AOP.  Getting there...but not much time left and it still feels as though there is a lot to do!

It's looking good but the oil wash takes an age as does the chipping....times-a-ticking!

Heat effect and OSL on the top cover worked well - nailing that process now.

Interiors done on these 2 as well.  I only need one for my AOP board but would love to have them both finished by Saturday.  We shall see... HTB.


  1. Love the heat staining on the muzzles on that tank! Can you do a tutorial? Always love to see someone take the time to do cockpit interiors on the flyers rather than making the canopy opaque.

    1. i seccond this... truely amazing work on that!

  2. Thanks guys, will try and get a tutorial on the heat effect and how I do the basic blue marine colours very soon.

  3. Really nice job on the heat staining. Looks so fantastic. Tank is coming along so well! Great work!