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Ultramarine Stormtalons and UK Expo Prep

These were finished quite some time a go but I have been off the blog for a while, now trying to get back into things.  They came out real well and work brilliantly as a pair on the table.  Hope people like what they see.  Probably the best FA option for SM.

I have just updated my workbench significantly - I may get some pictures up. It is a much better space to work on now.

What's coming next then?

I need to build the 1650pts list I have come up for the UK Games Expo in May.  I have bought a big chunk of Grey Knights and another box of Centurions so those in the know can guess the direction I am going.  I want to use my Ultramarines but they need the boost that the Grey Knight book can provide.  My one concern is the fact invisibility has been tweaked to BS/WS1 for units wishing to shoot the Invis unit (therefore templates...) but this is the best way to go I think if I want to stay with the Ultramarines.  I had thought about a Knight and 2 Legion Squads as an alternative - I will test both and see how I get on.


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So hopefully you have seen my previous thoughts on the Redemptor.  A great model. I think the Repulsor however is likely to have a much bigger impact as some of its capabilities are just down right naughty.

The Repulsor has 10 weapons systems...10! I can't even see where the Storm Bolter's are meant to be on it but they are there somewhere! (I think they go above the doors but lets see when the kit comes out!)

Initial Thoughts 

Very good. Fly and Power of the Machine Spirit are very powerful rules - this has both. You can move and keep that 3+ to hit with Heavy weapons (but you still need to be careful of degradation ...BS still goes down). And if you get assault you can move back and fire without penalty because of Fly. Bonkers for an Ultramarine's gun line or creeping-advance style army.

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It is good - not broken, not excellent but good. Toughness 7 is a slight issue given everyone trying to focus on being able to deal with this value. Maybe 8 would have been nice. A 2+ would be too much, but T8...hmm.... we will see. I think it is good anyway.  One concern (demonstrated in the Table Top Tactics video) is the degrading effect and impact on shooting once it goes to half health.  He needs a C…

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I have painted something not blue for the first time in years!  These have come out very well and I had some real success using the Tamiya Clear plaints to get some great metallic finishes on some of the surfaces.  The Blue Sword effect Kenny uses on Next Level Painting worked a treat. I hadn't used P3 paints until he recommended them; they went into the airbrush no problem, giving some great results.