Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Ultramarine Stormtalons and UK Expo Prep

These were finished quite some time a go but I have been off the blog for a while, now trying to get back into things.  They came out real well and work brilliantly as a pair on the table.  Hope people like what they see.  Probably the best FA option for SM.

I have just updated my workbench significantly - I may get some pictures up. It is a much better space to work on now.

What's coming next then?

I need to build the 1650pts list I have come up for the UK Games Expo in May.  I have bought a big chunk of Grey Knights and another box of Centurions so those in the know can guess the direction I am going.  I want to use my Ultramarines but they need the boost that the Grey Knight book can provide.  My one concern is the fact invisibility has been tweaked to BS/WS1 for units wishing to shoot the Invis unit (therefore templates...) but this is the best way to go I think if I want to stay with the Ultramarines.  I had thought about a Knight and 2 Legion Squads as an alternative - I will test both and see how I get on.

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