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Ultramarines 2nd Rhino

Here is my latest offering now I am back into some kind of routine again.  This has served as a good warm up project, having kept it slightly simpler this time around by not doing a full interior.  There is a limit to how much effort I can repeatedly put into 35pt models!

The blue and grey has come out really nicely again; the different shades of colour really come through.  I think my transitions are getting better the more I use these colours.  The OSL headlight formula is working real well and the Forge World bits add a lot of detail and character to the kit.

The paint scheme is different to the first one; each crew has license to adapt their vehicle slightly so the paint split between the grey and blue is in a slightly different place.  The third Rhino I do will also be different when I get round to it.  Whilst the split and elements of the scheme are different I feel there is still a sense of cohesion between the two and its easy to tell which Army they are from.

Cant get away from magnets... Just in case the new marine book due in a few weeks makes Razorbacks the go to vehicle again, the roof pops off for the gun turret mount (just like the first one I built).

I also did a little bit of work on the old Rhino as well, adding a Dozer Blade.  Both models are now equipped with Dozer Blades for that re-roll when passing through difficult terrain - a pretty important mod when trying to rush for last minute game objectives.

And here they are with a cheesy filter my fiancée uses to make her photos look better! HTB.


  1. Great looking think a new SM Codex will drop in a few weeks? Wonder what sort of formations we will see?

  2. Not sure :) but I bet somehow Dreadnoughts improve, and that they are part of a formation tax, and that Assault Squads get a big overhaul as well as Marneus Calgar (maybe...but Robute is due so could be too much to hope for). Tiggy nerfed, Grav Amps remain the same and wild card....Apothecary as an HQ choice? Will be interesting to see what comes out.

  3. Looks like June....I am an UM player as well (you can check out my work at @kitdub). Hope they dont nerf the Thunderfire Cannon. Those are pure joy when they hit. I would love to see the Dreadnoughts get some love as well as Terminators....

  4. Indeed, June looking likely. Sounds like the Rhino and Land Raider getting some attention. TF Cannon very strong - odd kit to buy and get hold of, so could be inline for a nerf... OR a buff.... That one on a knife edge I think because of the Finecast issues. FW are building a small Thunderfire type tracked unit due to be released at some point - they may take it on? Dreadnoughts will defo be a formation tax imo - hopefully there may be a formation where some sort of invuln save becomes an option. Who knows? :) Re-basing to 32mm biggest thing on my mind!


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