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Ultramarines Forge World Falchion Super Heavy Tank WIP part 2

Work progresses slowly on the tank.  I hope to have more parts done up the stage of oil wash needing to be applied in time for when the main body needs that as well.  The stencil has come out really well on the side of the tank.  I plan to keep using the XIII stencil to bring some uniformity to the large tanks, but differ how I apply the grey secondary colour.

I have focussed a little bit on how I make my stencils in some of these photos.  I first find the font on Mircosoft Word I wish to use and print of a couple of demos to get the right size (height and width) that will fit the area of the tank I want to add the stencil to.

Once happy with the size I stick the text down to the mat and cover it in selotape.  This creates a plastic layer that will allow my stencil mask paper (Artool Ultra Mask A4) to peel off once I have completed cutting out the text.

The scalpel I use when making stencils is typically brand new so you get a really clean cut.  As you can see the knife is so sharp it can cut through the paper pretty easily. This then becomes my work knife for the next few weeks.  Once it’s all cut out I stick it back onto the cover paper.  This can be re-used on later projects.

More updates to come.  Quad-Gun and Aegis defence line, 5 Sternguard, 3 drop-pods and 5 Devastators all on the desk so a lot in the pipeline.


  1. What blues do you use on your tanks? I've got a heresy Ultramarines army too and have struggled to find a shade I'm happy with - yours look spot on!

  2. Vallejo Model Air French Blue 71.088, shaded with Steel Blue 71.087 and highlighted with Light Sea blue 71.089. I pre shade white areas and black lining onto the body before applying the French blue on top of the grey primer. This starts to shade the French blue immediately before other highlights. Hope this helps!


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