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Ultramarines Devastators and Aegis Defence Line

I hit a bit of a wall with larger vehicles and turned my attention back to finishing some of my more basic units to help get up to 1000pts.  I knocked together my Sternguard, Devastators and Aegis Defence wall a few weeks ago and had the base colours all completed.  I then got distracted with the Glaive and Falchion.  Going back to something different was a good move as it made me re-visit a few techniques and do some smaller, finer work. 

The Devastators have come out ok – they could be better.  The oil wash and green OSL has not come up as well as I would have liked.  It has made me re-think what varnish I use before applying the oil wash as the Vallejo Satin varnish is not making a thick enough layer to stop the oil wash ‘sponging’ or soaking into the main paint colours.

On the Aegis Defence wall I used Humbrol Gloss rattle can varnish.  This goes on and creates a thin (but critically thick than the Vallejo Satin) layer for the oil wash to run across.  The wash flowed far better and cleaned off far easier without damaging the paint underneath.  I will try this varnish on the Sternguard now I have used on a model (Defence Line) I am not so concerned about.

That said the Defence Line has come out really well and has some really nice details I am particularly happy with (the lighting, lens and gold double eagle symbols). 

Hope this update is of interest to some out there!  Don’t worry about the Falchion and more interesting stuff – it is coming.  HTB.


  1. The OSL is fantastic. You are also really good at those lenses. Also like how the overall look/texture of the aegis came out. It just looks "right" for lack of more comprehensible descriptions.

  2. I think I know what you mean :) it looks the business alongside the whole army. Mad to think I am happier with a few sections of wall than I am 5 heavy weapon guys! I may look to re-paint the green OSL on the Devs using brush work and a blue, light blue, white progression. Glad you like the wall and thanks for posting on my page.


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