Thursday, 28 May 2015

Grey Knights: Nemesis Dreadknights

I have painted something not blue for the first time in years!  These have come out very well and I had some real success using the Tamiya Clear plaints to get some great metallic finishes on some of the surfaces.  The Blue Sword effect Kenny uses on Next Level Painting worked a treat. I hadn't used P3 paints until he recommended them; they went into the airbrush no problem, giving some great results.

The pair look great together and form the backbone of my Nemesis Strike Force.  I have equipped them the way 11th Company Podcast recommended - cheap as possible but with the upgrades needed to make the very effect going forward. The Greatsword allows one real roll to hit in CC and the flamer is awesome at thinning herds if required. T6, 2+ Sv and several wounds all for 190pts makes these guys very competitive.  For one of GW's early 'big' kits they still stand up really well against newer products.

The right arms have had a lot of subtle work put into them.  There are magnets in the wrist to accept power fists to make them even cheaper points wise if a list should need it.  The support strut is pressure fitted with a magnet in the round joint and ball joint were a second weapon can be fitted (See photo - picture explains this better).  It means I can mount a second long range weapon if I choose to further down the line.

The P3 transitions look great on the sword.  My Terminators have this effect on them as well and they are shaping up really well.

The base colour scheme on all my GK's is VMA Gun Grey, shaded using Clear Smoke and Clear Blue by Tamiya with an OSL top down highlight of VMA Steel. The 4 colours combine perfectly to give some great shading and highlight effects.  The Clear paints are a real game changer and I recommend playing around with them.  Forge World use them to get the Green/Purple tints on their Iron Hand paint schemes and the Green through the Blue on the Alpha Legion (not giving away to many secrets I hope!).

Several Terminators and an Imperial Bunker on the way. Very close to completing my 1650pts list to the standard I want, ready for the UK Expo tournament this weekend.  I hope my opponents enjoy the work put into models during the games and that it goes some way to bringing the hobby back! HTB.


  1. Fantastic work! These guys look great. Love those swords!