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Ultramarine Grav Centurions

The final part of my GK/UM allied attachment is finished.  Now to get on with the GK Librarians.  The Grav Cents have come out pretty well.  The OSL and colour blends are pretty good. The transfers are not quite as smooth as I would have liked; my fault for missing a step (GW varnish on the Humbrol Acrylic Gloss Spray where the transfer sits).  The over all unit looks great together - the bald headed guy looks better than I thought.  Initially I wasnt convinced by the sculpts.

4 Cents is a lot of work.  The bodies and shoulder pads could be built and painted all assembled up.  The pipes, weapons, amps, heads, pistons, rear plate, side metal work and arms all had to be done separately to access all the nooks and crannies.  The OSL looks great but comes at the risk of ruining everything you have done to get to that point!

Going right back to construction, I tried to make the models look a bit more dynamic by leaving off the front leg guards and cutting one set of legs to make the gap in the knee joint bigger.  I cut off the skull and wreath on the square facing legs and used Forge World etched brass to make different leg markings. Just enough so that no model is exactly the same (see a few photos up).  The etched brass U's look great as well. I magnetised the Hurricane Bolters using 2mm x 1mm magnets so that if missile launchers come good again, a quick paint job can allow them to be used.

The Ultramarine army in its entirety is getting quite big now - another 340pts added with these all finished.  The Cents look great and add some real clout.  They are a slog to produce as they only come together as smart looking figures right at the end.  You will have banked many hours work prior to this point!  HTB.


  1. Great job on the leg work. They definitely stand out from one another, and the OSL work is great!

  2. Its all coming together :) got the colour combos and techniques working well together.


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