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Ultramarines Land Raider Updated

 I recently revisited my Land Raider I completed a few months back having grown in confidence and ability with various different techniques.  I am really pleased I did go back because I think these additions have brought the model up another level.

One addition that stands out straight away is the headlamps.  The red base colour compliments the blue really well and acts as a powerful spot colour in tandem with the Sgts red helmet.  It makes the tank significantly more interesting.  This OSL headlamp scheme was shown to me by Medow’s Arts channel on youtube.  His models are outstanding and his airbrushing ability right up there with the best on the web. You will require GW Evil Sunz Red, Troll Slayer Orange, Flash Gitz Yellow and Bloodletter Glaze.  Follow his points and enjoy the results!

Secondly, using AK streaking effects along the sides of the model and on a few of the top rivets along with some white spirit tied everything up.  You can see the awesome effects it can produce on some of the close ups. 

Finally, I made a real effort to blend in the heavy mud effect to a better extent, achieving this with a progression of VMA Hemp to Sandy brown to finally Olive drab just near the tracks (thanks MAC – youtube).  Using Vallejo pigments in small quantities I worked patches of dust and dirt over the model, again bringing the weathering together far better than previous attempts.

These techniques are all still new to me but it does not take long to get a good understanding of them.  The results are certainly well worth the time and effort.


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