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Ultramarine 10-man Tactical Squad (2)

The second squad is now complete.  Inevitably it has come out better than the first one due to reviewing and learning from the first group I put together.  This build uses new kit as well as a few components from the Sternguard box.  Again I have gone for Combi-Flamer and Flamer, however I have chosen to build a Missile launcher into this Squad rather than the more costly Lascannon.  In time this unit will get a Rhino as well, with the first Rhino now 99% complete and needing a write up for the blog.

A change I made on this unit was to go a bit heavier with the VMA Light Sea Blue to get a better contrast after the oil wash and satin varnish was applied (these generally dull your highlights).

The transfers on this unit came out really well and I think I have refined how I will approach transfers from now on.  The GW hard coat gloss brushed on seems to give better adhesion than any airbrushed gloss varnish when it comes to sticking in transfers.  The red and blue containers of Micro Set and Micro Sol also seem to work better than the Humbrol Decal Fix.  The process for applying my transfers consists of the following:

1.  Complete the model to the stage of needing an oil wash next.
2.  Brush varnish GW hard coat gloss onto the areas that require a transfer.
3.  Cut the transfers out but also cut small lines into the edges of the transfer to allow the flat decal to form around 3D curves.
4.  Soak the transfer in Micro Set and allow softening of the decal to take place.
5.  Apply transfer with brush and scalpel carefully, and remove excess Mirco Set with paper towel pressing down to make sure the transfer is on.
6.  Allow to dry thoroughly.
7.  Apply Micro Sol a few hours later gently brushing some over the transfer.
8.  Allow to dry thoroughly again and repeat stage 7 at least one more time.  You can do this as often as you like until the transfer fits the shape (typically the rounded shoulder pad).
9.  Satin varnish your work and move onto your oil wash so as to include the transfer in any weathering that you wish to apply.  The transfer should look like it is completely painted on.

The photos below show some of the key stages in production.


  1. Where did you find corks that fat n flat? Looks good by the way.

  2. The cork cups are from and are the same ones used by Buypainted! I think. Really useful for any and all infantry projects.


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