Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Ultramarine 10-Man Tactical Squad

So this week I have got back to building and finishing off a number of different projects.  I am keen to clear the slate to get onto some of the other bigger kits I have sat waiting to go.  I have managed to tie up one of the final hand painted units from my previous Space Marine Project: The Emperor’s Crusaders, finishing another Tactical Squad.  I have also finished some additional weathering on my Land Raider and the main chunk of this article – the Airbrushed Ultramarine 10 man Tactical Squad.

I had one box of the old style Tactical Squad left over which I have combined with several other boxed sets namely; the kneeling Devastator legs, the re-loading hand from the new Tactical Squad, the new Combi-flamer from the Sternguard boxed set, a helmet for the Sgt from the new Sternguard Squad, a bolter with belt from the Sternguard kit and the plastic devastator Lascannon.

The shot above really shows the graded blue very well - darker blue where the shadows sit and lighter blue sprayed top down to get the highlights and blended look.

You can see at the back I have graded dust up the side of the Land Raider using tips from MAC on Youtube.  It sees you transition through VMA Olive Drab, VMA Sandy Brown and VMA Hemp.

Finally these shots show elements of the The Emperor’s Crusaders and the finished tactical squad.  It hopefully shows you how much of a jump you can make with the addition of an airbrush.  The split paint scheme was fun but I feel I could do such a better job with masking tape and my airbursh set up – that project comes to a close, time to crack on with this Ultramarine build.

Time to crack that Rhino!  

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  1. Lookin' good HTB. Bring on that fire raptor! I really want one of those.