Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Double Ultramarines Thunderfire Cannon and Techmarine

Managed to get the Techmarines completed at last!  Pretty happy with the final look and feel of each unit.  Most of the techniques for painting these can be found in previous articles.  What I will say is their performance in games has been outstanding.  From vehicles, massed troops, important characters, these 2 cannons have laid waste to huge chunks of opposition armies.  Thundefire cannons are top of my list right now in terms of getting on the roster once all my troops choices are in place. 

The 60 inch reach allows you to influence areas you may not be able to when using drop pods.  A weakness in drop pods is that once you are down you can be quickly become fixed in place.  A weapon platform that can fire anywhere, secure your back line objectives and shape what your opponent does is of real use.  If you are running marines think long and hard before passing over on this small, effective, understated unit.

The hot metal, burnt nozzles and plasma glow has worked really well and these are definitely the bits I am most pleased with.  More to come! HTB.


  1. Lovely job! I have to pick up one of these kits sometime. I love the servo harnesses, and the guns look spectacular!

    I find the thunderfires also work well with ironclads. Because the ironclads are av13, you can drop the thunderfire shots right next to them and not worry about scatter damaging your own unit!

  2. Nice suggestion :) Will have to try out at some point