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Too much WIP!

Something that I am sure a lot of hobbyists have suffered from is having too much on the go at one time. I have talked about it before but still find myself falling into the trap of stocking up too many kits and wanting to build/paint far too much in too short a period of time.

It's gotten so bad that it is actually hindering my ability to blog on stuff because I am not finishing things and getting distracted by the latest successful game test.

Here is a run down of where I think I am going wrong.

1.  Play testing the latest good idea and then wanting to paint that to the standard of everything else in quick time. In other words, inability to stick to one list for an extended period.
2.  If find airbrushing more satisfying than brush work at the moment.  Not completing one project before starting the next.
3.  Taking on too much.  Articles, mock up builds to allow gaming, my first commission for someone and getting in more games has meant the core of my hobby (building and painting) has taken a nose dive.
4.  I am a self-confessed shop-a-holic, something my fiancĂ©e has twice told me off for! :)

I will talk through some solutions of how I plan to go forward but let's see just how bad things are (or good depending how you look at it!).

First up is the Falchion. This beast has been on the go since returning from the Forge World open day. Building stuff for competitive gaming has got in the way of completing this mega model. It has to be done by 25th October. Why? Because this and the Glaive form the centre piece of my Armies on Parade display. My week off in October has been allocated to this little project...

Next up the Stormtalons. A core choice alongside my Thunderfire Cannons for many a month, these got to the highlighted stage, needing brush work and the inside of the canopy to be painted. As I said already this came up against my indifference with brush work and things ground to a halt. They look good as they are and that hasn't helped either as the lazy side of me has said leave those for now and smash out interesting stuff like Marneus...

Sadly these will probably stay as they are as Armies on Parade and the Grand Tournament models need to be finished before the end of September and Marneus is required for my current list. That said I would love to have them done and added to the display board as flyers are great on displays. They create a third/fourth layer really easily. Every effort will be made to get them done.

The Terminators. I have found a use for them after all! Sure it's for display but at least they might get finished now! Again they are in the early layer stages of their paint job. I plan to pick these up and get them done for Armies on Parade as they will look great around the Land Raider. Over priced when it comes to points, you can't argue everyone loves the Terminator model. The glowing hammer looks pretty good as well so work to do.

What else? I will talk about tuition and how I fell about commissions after recently completing my first one. Mixed feelings on the subject. Needless to say the work took more time out from the Ultramarines.

Tactical marines. Right now I have 20 all painted up with 2 Lascannons in the ranks. I need to finish off another 17! I need 2 Multimelta guys to replace the Lascannons and max Melta squad (MB, CM and MG) to go inside pod #4. I can't borrow 2 pods from Rich forever so 2 more will need painted at some point.

So with all that a mate down the club suggests I run an Imperial Knight to add to the pod list. Great. I have the breaking strain of a KitKat when it comes to new models. A quick £76 then...

What to do then going forward? The emergence of Armies on Parade and the temptation to enter the top end tournament scene is enough incentive to really start nailing stuff. As a builder and painter first and foremost the GT may have to wait this year. I can't get it all done in time.

To be ready for October a lot needs to be done. AOP has been in my mind for sometime now but with it now being advertised the chase is on to get it all done. Events like AOP and the GT are great for me as it forces a focus on what is needed for each event. So here is my checklist solution that I will try and stick to:

1.  AOP is the main target.  I need to have a three layer display board ready for October 25th.
2.  In order the following needs completed:
- Marneus Calgar
- Falchion
- 5 Terminators
3.  I know I will flick between projects.  This is ok as long it is onto one of these 3.
4.  Stick to a list to really play test it properly.
5.  Be realistic. The GT is a nice to have but I think it will have to wait.
6.  Shopping can resume after AOP.  A reward perhaps!

We will see how successful I am over the coming weeks but hopefully I get it all done.


  1. Best of luck. That is quite an order for such a short period of time! I think you can do it though!

  2. Thanks Greg. Fingers crossed it comes together before the 26th. Marneus is about done as are the Terminators - hopefully by this Sunday!


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