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Limited Edition Marneus Calgar build and new articles.

My HTB website needs reinvigorated. I have been busy with work and hobby/website has really slipped off. I will talk about WIP overload (again) in my next article but I really want to get back on track.

In my opinion White Dwarf and Visions is so far removed from what I thought was historically good about WD that I wanted to do something about it. GW doesn't listen to anyone so asking them to change anything is a waste of time. Articles on list building, advance modeling techniques, tactics, detailed battle reports, use of other products (heresy!) that offer something GW doesn't or that are better is never discussed. Airbrushing is huge and so accessible nowadays yet it is totally ignored by GW. Look at; airbrushing is everywhere. It is as if it doesn't exist in GW's world.  I think there are loads of topics that used to be covered so well that sadly have been actively removed by GW's head-shed. 

So my solution and a way to get more up on HTB is to do small shorts on my hobby and articles I would want to read. Over the next few weeks I plan to discuss various WIP including the completion of the Falchion and Terminators, army list ideas, battle reports from Vale Renegades gaming club, display board building ready for Armies on Parade, an event report on a Warhammer Fest and more.

That's the idea anyway. We will see how time and resources pan out as each article takes a good few hours. I think it will help keep my building progress up and will force me to carve time out for the hobby which is good as I do enjoy it.  They do make so much good stuff so I don't want to be too critical.

Let's start with this rather unique Marneus Calgar build.  From a tactical perspective Ultramarines are really strong right now. Podcasts such as 11th Company 40k podcast, 40k Global and Forge the Narrative all give significant props to drop pod lists. Having run 3-5 drop pods for a good 4 months now they really stand up. Tactical doctrine in Ultramarines chapter tactics effectively twin links all tactical marines for a turn and allows almost everyone else to re-roll misses on a one. 3 pods, 30 marines in on turn one suitably armed with plasma and melta weapons is a nasty alpha strike. It is also 9 objective secured units, racking up points from the off.

So back to Marneus... Why do I need a power armoured Marneus? He allows me to repeat the re-roll shooting to hit trick as I can use any doctrine twice. With 2 more pods coming in with maybe 20 more marines that could be 50 twin linked tactical marines and 15(!) objective secured units in turn 2 - double alpha strike anyone??

As well as this the old model is in short....old. It doesn't fit in with the new moulds and higher grade plastic kits GW produce. Credit where it is due - whilst I am not keen on the written magazines the standard of kits is awesome right now and only seems to be getting better. Two of these excellent new plastic kits where the recent limited edition SM captains. Captain #2 was used for my TH/Shield eternal Chapter Master Marius Gage (1st Chapter Master of the Ultramarines). Another thing to note is that tournaments are strict on what you see is what you get - ie the brilliant Terminator version would not be allowed.

Combing the Sternguard ammo hopper, the excellent pipe roller and tuition video from Forge Planet and Buypainted! respectively, Ltd Ed Captain #1, some Vanguard bolt pistols cut down and some careful greenstuff/cutting off of under piping on the fists, left this awesome interpretation of a younger Marneus (just after receiving the Gauntlets of Ultramar or something like that anyway - my fluff timeline could be off). The pipes were pinned and drilled with a 1mm drill and a tiny length of paper clip metal. Being critical the pipes are pipes, not ammo feed belts. I am limited by my own ability and I wanted a crisp finish as opposed to attempting a sculpt I am just not able to do. That said the mock up I think works really well pipes included. Painted up like Chapter Master Marius Gage he should look great. Onto paint and orange glowing powerfists I think!

In summary I hope my articles will be of use/interest to some. If not, I certainly enjoy putting down my thoughts on things and getting thoroughly immersed in something completely separate to work. I am interested to hear people's feedback and will get more stuff up in the next few days. HTB.


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