Sunday, 28 September 2014

Limited Edition Marneus Calgar

Marneus is complete.  He has come out really well and sits nicely alongside Marius Gage (my TH/Shield Eternal Chapter Master).  The combined limited edition Space Marine Captains have come together brilliantly with some help from the pipe roller. 

The glowing powerfirsts I think work well, but I still think some more needs done to my non-metallic metal work (iron halo on back pack).  The pipes going into the bolters under the gauntlets work superbly.  I think as a kit bash/conversion of a really iconic character goes, this has the required credibility and looks the part.  What do people think?

My Armies on Parade board is coming together.  The levels are complete and the sand/black lava is applied.  Time to base coat!  Terminators up next.  Their bases and faces are all done just need to get the main bodies all finished.  Currently I would say I am on track…for now.  HTB.

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